Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am BACK!!

Hey Guys! The Holidays are done, hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years!

I have been following since it started, he is going to wrap up the 5 part series on "what we have done to our sport"and I would encourage all of you to read all of them! He has some great insight, info and even a few solutions on what we can do to help our sport.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Not Sure who wrote this but I saw it and had to post it, Merry Christmas!! Will be away for a few days, see you after the holidays!! I added a poll for what paintball gear you think you will be getting for Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, 'cept Johnny DeLouse.
He polished his gun and topped his Halo agitator,
awaiting old Santa, who'd be by a bit later.

A cruel trick Santa played on past Christmas day,
when he left poor Johnny a cheap old Stingray.
He worked through the summer as a grocery shelf stocker,
and he saved and he saved for a trick Autococker.

He awaited St. Nick in a tactical crouch,
his jersey matched perfect his mom's brand new couch.
His red dot cast eerie a glow on the place,
as he waited for Santa to show his fat face.

When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
that Johnny got ready for Santa to splatter.
He pulled down his Flex 7s and chambered a ball,
'cause Santa was here, and was fixing to call.

Now Santa's no dummy, he has intuition,
he took down the chimney his own ammunition.
He wore an Invision and sported an X-Mag,
A case of Evil tucked down his bag.

The volleys which followed were more than just fair;
the paintballs collided in the midst of the air.
Johnny dove for new cover, and Santa moved too,
the place would be wrecked before they were through.

As their hoppers went empty and their shooting did stop,
Johnny wiped off his goggles, he couldn't see squat.
Old Santa was crouching on one ancient knee,
and stacking the presents under the tree.

Johnny was aiming to shoot at him more,
when the sight in his sights made his jaw hit the floor.
Santa ignored him; in his eye was a glisten,
as he laid out for Johnny a nitrogen system.

Santa went up the chimney as quick as he'd come.
He left Johnny dripping paint, and emotionally numb.
He'd ambushed old Santa and was now feeling mean,
but Santa laughed last, he left him to clean.

Johnny straightened the stockings and he wiped up the paint.
He cleaned until morning, he thought he might faint.
Santa's an awesome player, he thought in his head,
as he trudged to his bedroom and into his bed.

Don't wait up for Santa on this Christmas Eve,
that jolly old fat guy has a trick up his sleeve.
If you've revenge in your eye like Johnny DeLouse,
you'll only get spanked and end up cleaning the house.

Sunday, December 21, 2008 - Winter Fund Raiser

Hey Guys and Gals its the season of giving and Heather from the Adventure Centre contacted me in regards to their Winter Fund Raiser. They are a not for profit organization and this is their mission...

"The mission of The Adventure Centre is to inspire people of all ages to be more connected with themselves and the world around them. Through challenge, adventure, reflection and dialog, we provide powerful opportunities for self-discovery, compassion and collaboration. We serve approximately 4000 youth per year throughout the Midwest area."

Up for auction current at this link is a Paintball party for 10 people at Hole in the Wall Paintball, it is currently only going for $18.00!! If this party is something you would be interested please bid on eBay at the following link.

Paintball for 10!!! Hole in the Wall Paintball has been kind enough to donate paintball for 10.

There are 5 certificates each good for 2 players.

1 certificate covers the cost for 2 rental semi Auto Markers, 2 Free Fields fees and 200 free balls.

Hole in the Wall's fields are located at 24262 66th Street, Bangor, MI 49013

For more info on the Adventure Centre check out their website.

Hole in the Wall Paintball

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am heading to Magnum Sportz / TC Paintball tonight for their infamous FIGHT NIGHT! Come on out and spread some holiday cheer...and paint!

$45 includes fee, air and you get a CASE of stinger. Fairly AWESOME deal!

Action starts at 6pm and goes until 10ish! TCP has an awesome proshop so bring some Christmas money!

596 Baldwin St.
Jenison, MI 49428
(616) 667-9827

Friday, December 19, 2008

News - Shawn Walker Responds

Shawn Walker responds to allegations, paintball drama at its finest!

Charm the Snake

Blind man crawling - The snake is one of the hardest bunkers to play on the field. It can also be the most deadly as well. The snake allows a player to gain field advantage often unnoticed.

PreGame - Walk to the snake and observe your shot angles, your blind shots, and remember to see what bunker is going to have an advantage on you.

Break Out - On the break you have two options, either get in the snake asap or hang back and try to eliminate the other teams snake player, then you have it to yourself to wreak havoc.

Getting into the Snake -Dive Dive Dive! Slide Slide Slide! Practice Practice Practice! Like I have said before practice you slides into practice and in your pregame.

Upon Arrival - Be Observant!!! Listen and look to see what is going on, listen to your back players and plan your shots.

Snap Shooting for the Elimination - Make it Quick! Never, ever, ever....come out of the same spot are dead if you do. Do not be afraid to move forward and back in the knuckles.

Those are just some simple tips that I could think of this week, the snake is the hardest place to play but if you trust your back players to relay the information you need it should all go well and you will be a dominate snake charmer on the field. Work Hard, Play Hard and the snake will be yours!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

John Part 3/5

As you all know John Amodea has been writing a blog of his own at

He has made some strong points and has given some very good insight on what is happening to our game. So at 4pm EST today he will post it...check it out!